The Calm Before the Storm

Seventy days without rain in Phoenix but it’s on its way now:

U.S. Satellite

The benefit was a gorgeous sunrise this morning:

Sunrise over Four Peaks Arizona Sunrise over Four Peaks Arizona Sunrise over Four Peaks Arizona

The downside is that we’ve got tickets for NASCAR on Sunday. Why did it choose to rain this weekend?
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29 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm

    1. We weren’t affected by the rain other than standing at the window and watching it come down in torrents on Saturday. Yes we did need the rain. It’s always funny to watch the local news after a storm. Arizonians get so excited about rain! It cheers them like sunshine does in other states.


    1. We are “enjoying” torrential rain at the moment. Himself and I stood at the window as did many of our neighbors and watched water cascading off the roof. Rain is entertainment here! But it won’t be much fun tomorrow. 😦


    1. Oh lots! I crewed on a charter yacht in the West indies many years ago. Walter Cronkite chartered the boat! I taught aerobics for a few years. This is just my current life on the blog. 😀


  1. Yes, that was definitely a beautiful sunrise. I am always glad when people post sunrise because it is a part of the day I miss. I am a much better sunset person:) Hope it doesn’t rain on your parade Sunday!!


    1. We are having a very grey day so I hope all the rain will all come today. I enjoy the sunrises in the wintertime because they are late-ish. In the simmer I pull the pillow over my head. Who turned that bright light on at 5am? 😯


  2. Yep, that sunrise was pretty spectacular this morning. The sunsets at Lake Pleasant have been pretty awesome as well. I’m sure you’ll have good weather Sunday 🙂


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