32 thoughts on “Happy President’s Day

              1. Whaaaaat?! You don’t like the cold?!!! … worse, with heavy rain expected over the next couple of days, we are moving into slush season with rivers & lakes where roads should be.
                Wish I was going somewhere warm and sunny.


  1. There is something about these photos… the first one, below the four “Big Boys” is an awful lot of stone chips, is that from the original carving? The second photo shows those chips to be big, did he carve these faces with dynamite.?? Now I’ll have to go and do some research as I’m curious…


    1. You’ve probably read all about it by now. Those stone “chips” are granite boulders. They must be from the rock face(s) as the initial “sculpting” was done with dynamite. It’s hard to appreciate the scale of the whole thing from photos. If you Google images for Lincoln’s nose on Mt Rushmore you’ll get some idea. His nose alone is 21 feet!


    1. I wasn’t bothered whether I saw it or not and as himself is English he didn’t care but as we were in the area it seemed like a good idea. I was completely awestruck by it! 😯 Keep it on your list!


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