32 thoughts on “From the Tropics to the Desert

    1. Haha! I love it! That’s something else we have in common. Not the nickname but speed walking. Himself is finally fit enough to keep up with me. We didn’t see any cool snakes except at the wildlife state park – behind glass. We didn’t even see the cool sounding huge black and yellow spider that lives in the woods in Florida. I’ll have to make due with tarantulas and rattlesnakes here in Arizona now.


    1. Isn’t it magic to see the real thing, whatever it is – road runners, Niagara Falls, alligators, The Grand Canyon, bears & on & on & on – when you’ve only seen them on TV or read about them! It’s why travel is so special, though I’m preaching to the converted with you and Steve!


  1. I love this poetry thing… I love the road runner, does he really eat lizards, snakes and spiders..??
    Maybe you should see my last post and see what populates our deserts…


        1. Actually I’m not. I’m true blue American by birth, a confused mid-Atlantic person from life. Himself is the Brit. We have a mixed marriage – a culture clash, two countries divided by a common language.


          1. and to think years back you were enemies… well beware of the roadrunners in case they begin eating old goats… but your not an old goat… too young and beautiful for that


              1. Have a friend that has just suffered a stroke… kind of lost my sense of humour at the mo… but it will be back as soon as I know he’s stabilised…


      1. Living in Western Canada I guess that makes me keen on the West however there hasn’t been a place I’ve travelled that I haven’t enjoyed….call me wishy washy ๐Ÿ™‚


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