15 thoughts on “I Am NOT Alligator Bait

  1. Homossasa Springs Wildlife Park is one of our favorite places (we’ve been twice in the past year and plan another visit this spring). Did you see Lu, the hippo? Were the flamingoes doing their song & dance routine for you? Did the red wolves howl? Were there any wild manatees to be seen from the fish bowl? I discovered your blog while clicking through comments on other sites and when I saw your photo of a place I recognize as being right near where I’m wintering, I just knew I had to follow you! Happy New Year’s. May 2014 be full of traveling adventures.


    1. Thanks for following Ethel and Everett, and yes we saw them all! We visited late afternoon and I think all the creatures were looking to be fed. The wolves didn’t howl but we were woken up at 4 am New Year’s Day in Arizona by a pack of coyotes yipping so that made up for it! Great to have you along for the ride! “See” you again soon.


    1. Well Bulldog called me “stoopid” (in the nicest possible way) so I thought I’d better qualify my daring do. I’m trying to think of something I can tell you so you will reinstate me on your list. I’ll let you know.


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