Donkey Horrors

Innocently driving the Needles Highway in South Dakota we were ambushed by hungry, panhandling burros.

panhandling burros, Needles Highway, SD

Cue the creepy Psycho shower scene music:

Give us a cookie or we’ll bite your ear off!

panhandling burros, Needles Highway, SD

How did I know they wouldn’t bite my ear off? I didn’t.

I’m an idiot.

19 thoughts on “Donkey Horrors

  1. A little nibble on the ear can be quite exciting… but my animal experience tells me these weren’t interested in you but rather what you might have to eat in the car… maybe you looked delectable to them… though the ears back tells me they were being a little more demanding… if you ever see an elephant with its ear back like that and your in the vehicle… change down and drive like hell… its more than your ears he’s interested in… but I see they did give you a good laugh, which made me laugh… lol


  2. Yes. Totally been there.
    Now imagine them surrounding you – a pack of 5 or 6, while you’re standing out in the open. The little bastards in Oatman, AZ run that town. They are completely comfortable walking among people. No concept of ‘personal space’. So rude.


  3. Burros are stubborn but usually don’t bite off ears. We had one on the ranch when I was a kid and I rode him and drove a cart with him to do cleaning up chores. He was affable but tried to avoid being captured if he was loose. I don’t remember these animals in South Dakota when I lived there many years ago. I wonder where they came from.


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