Donkey Delights

Hee haw! Hee Haw!

I think it’s so hilarious,

To see you climb a rock,

Where it’s so precarious.

Wild burro, Monument Valley, Utah

I promised lilmisspoutine that I would post some cute donkey photos and as the above is none too flattering here are some cuties from Monument Valley:

Wild burros, Monument Valley, Utah Wild burros, Monument Valley, Utah Wild burro, Monument Valley, Utah

After an extensive 15 second search on Google, I have determined that donkeys and burros are the same creature. If you know differently, oh never mind!

I’ll be back in tropical weather on Monday. Please excuse my butterfly mind.

23 thoughts on “Donkey Delights

  1. I think they are so cute and I was never sure if I should call them a donkey or Burro. So thanks for your in-depth research in the matter. Safe travels. I’m looking forward to some beach photos 🙂


    1. I portrayed them as cute but they were actually glaring at me, bellowing and walking slowly towards me – a little unnerving – like I’d trespassed. I probably had. I shot my pics and crept away.


      1. There’s a Route 66 town in Arizona, Oatman, where the wild burros walk freely right through the centre of town. At first it feels cute and fun. But when they surround you….total panic. At least for me is was. Those giant teeth freak me out.


  2. I always remember a test question from way back. “If you killed off the entire world population of this animal, it would be back again next year, what is the animal?” Answer – a Mule!


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