Reptile Love

My followers are discriminating.

One could almost say they were hating,

All ‘gators and snakes.

Slimy things from a lake,

Score low on their animal rating.

*          *          *          *

To die at the hand of a bear,

Or anything else with hair,

Is a preferable fate,

So strong is their hate.

They’d happily hide in his lair.

Alligator Exhibit, South Florida ↓     ↓    ↓    ↓

I introduce Harvey my friend.

He’s cuddly and docile to tend.

I liked him on sight.

He wouldn’t dare bite.

Do you think that I am ‘round the bend?

25 thoughts on “Reptile Love

  1. Now that does cute… would have looked better if you were fighting to keep its mouth shut instead of it being all taped up… love the photo though.. would like to have seen your face if you had a rattler in your hand…


    1. There’s a photo you’ll never see. You’ll just have to imagine my look of horror. I did move in stupidly close to take a photo of a rattler while himself stood back at a safe distance, no doubt ready to administer first aid if necessary. 😯


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