24 thoughts on “Campground Humor

  1. I smiled when reading the sign, and actually lauded at “Your now beyond Hope.”. I hope they fix the grammar mistake though. Pun intended haha. Great post!


  2. You did that on purpose because you knew it would hurt us poor pedants. Bad WWN. I am a fully paid-up member of the Punctuation Police, and mistakes like that get full red pen service from me. I love the “no diving” sign – now that’s what you call covering your back!


    1. Awwww. Don’t tick me off! I did it on purpose to entice you to pick up your red pen and come to Arizona and correct it because I KNEW at the very least that YOU would pick up on it! 😆


      1. Don’t tempt me, I am more than capable of coming over to correct it. I take photos of spelling mistakes – my favourite mistake was in a grammar guide published by Penguin. I put it back on the shelf when I thumbed through and spotted the title: “GRAMMER” 🙂
        I am always paranoid about making mistakes – ever heard of “Muphry’s Law?” It is a law by which anyone who criticises another person’s writing makes a mistake whilst doing so, but only sees it once the message has gone or the comment has been published.


    1. There’s an idea! We were able to laugh and feel superior as we traveled beyond Hope! (I am permanently confused as to the spelling of travelled/traveled. I’ll keep a foot in each country and somewhere my spelling will be correct.)


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