Quick Trip to England via Turkey

A nice cup of tea (and a sit down). A Denby te...
A nice cup of tea (and a sit down). A Denby teapot and cup with milk jug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fellow blogger Uncle Spike has been rash enough to invite me to write a guest post on his blog.  An Englishman, he leads an interesting life as a farmer (amongst other things) in Turkey with his Turkish wife, five-year-old son (who I’m firmly convinced is 15, not five), dog, chickens and olives.

Hop on over to Turkey to accompany me to Cornwall in England for a Nice Cup of Tea.


Flag of Turkey.
Flag of Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8 thoughts on “Quick Trip to England via Turkey

  1. As being an ‘Englishman’…, I forget that sometimes. I have lived longer in this house than any other in my life. Plus I travel on a Turkish passport and haven’t been to blighty since 2005 🙂


  2. Awesome post……looking good in that stripped swimsuit. Have you lost weight since our shopping trip? The blonde curls are….hum….also becoming! Perhaps next time we WILL indulge in some yummy treats 😉


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