How the Wind Does Blow!

This isn’t a particularly silly sign, more a fantastic view. Here you see on your approach to Palm Springs 15 of the 3,600 wind turbines (number according to the renewable energy geek who led the tour through the wind farm) in the San Gorgonio Pass.

Wind turbines, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs CA

Here are a few more:

Wind turbines, San Gorgonio Pass, Palm Springs CA

14 thoughts on “How the Wind Does Blow!

  1. They really thrill me. I saw one being hauled down the interstate one day somewhere in the middle of the country and they are utterly astounding in scale. I’ll take them over a Fukishima any old day.


      1. Change all those ugly wind turbines to ugly oil derricks and see how many people tell you how beautiful they are. To me, they are equally ugly, but people have been brainwashed into thinking that wind turbines are a good thing, when they kill wildlife directly, and oil only kills indirectly.


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