Blogging Date Virgin

A lunch date at eleven thir – tee,

With Ingrid of LiveLaughRV,

Had us both in stitches,

With laughter like riches,

A friendship was destined to be.

internet "date" with a fellow blogger

I’d never done this before.

It certainly wasn’t a bore.

Ingrid’s met lots of folks,

So I said, “okey doke!

Let’s meet up and tell tales some more.”

internet "date" with a fellow blogger

We’d never laid eyes on each other.

Our blogs were anonymous cover.

The gravatar pics,

Were enough for a fix,

On each other to clock one another.

internet "date" with a fellow blogger

We giggled like girls of thirteen,

Taking selfies after a preen.

Our lunches got cold.

The waitress did scold.

That’s a lie. She’s a sweet, young thing.


I hope we can meet up once more,

Our blog trials to further explore.

We had lots to say,

But there’s more to convey,

Of both of our USA tours.

40 thoughts on “Blogging Date Virgin

    1. Majorly chuffed – excellent phrase! My neighbor once told her little boy she was chuffed with him for doing well at swimming. He looked deflated and said, “Oh. I thought you’d be pleased.”


            1. I’m going to keep a list of offensive English expressions by the ‘puter as they come to mind. Mind’s gone blank. Oh bum. See? You can’t say ‘Oh butt.’ It just doesn’t have the right ring.


  1. I live too far away to ever meet up with either of you, but I can imagine the time you had together.. I follow Ingrid on her trails across the USA and just from her post she is one person I would love to meet and talk to, her Hubby sounds fun too and I think a visit could be quite the fun party… so I find this post so enjoyable, it tells me that Ingrids personality is in fact what I imagine it to be…


    1. We will have another party in your honor! When are you flying out to Phoenix? Your name did come up. Were your ears burning on Wednesday? It was all good!! We are hoping to come to Florida (probably fly) this winter. I will watch your progress and perhaps we could meet up too! 🙂


  2. How fun–and brave! 🙂
    I’ve only been blogging for a short time, and have never met any of my fellow followers/commenters/blog buddies in person. Sounds like it was a GREAT afternoon!


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