Poems for Boys (and Girls) Don’t Make Eye Contact!

090802TRNatPark 136a

So . . . we were sitting in the car at Teddy Roosevelt National Park watching the big guy scratch his back while creating a huge dust cloud (him, not us), when he decided he didn’t like having an audience for his ablutions. He stood up, looked at us (or possibly that offensive and nosy Chevy Tahoe), put his head down and started to grunt HUUNH, HUUUNH, HUUUUNH, HUUUUUNH, HUUUUUUNH! Each grunt increasing in volume so we sped off in our own cloud of dust. We didn’t wait to see if he would take the trouble to charge after us.

The bison pictured below is an entirely different fellow. The poem is slightly misleading. He took no interest in us what-so-ever. I still had visions of the grunter above.

090802TRNatPark 146a

4 thoughts on “Poems for Boys (and Girls) Don’t Make Eye Contact!

  1. i nativi americani li chiamavano Tatanka, correvano liberi nelle grandi praterie…ora, come gli indiani d’America stanno rinchiusi nei parchi nazionali…come cambia il mondo

    bello scatto,
    Native Americans called them Tatanka, ran free in the great prairies … now, as the native Americans are locked up in national parks … how to change the world

    nice shot,


  2. I always love it when dogs do what I call “the rolling thing” on their backs in the grass–it looks like pure joy and abandon! However, I have never seen a bison do it. Which I guess, living in the suburbs, is a good thing.


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