Can You See Him? Can You See Him Now?

I took this photo because it seemed either the park ranger must have been very short-sighted or the bison had a sense of humor. Only when I downloaded the photo did I see the prairie dog. Can you see him?

090802TRNatPark 151Can you see him now?

090802TRNatPark 151

Look again. There is a little bitty head sticking up out of the mound beneath the bison on the left of the above photos. This is what he looks like:

090802TRNatPark 126

He obviously didn’t read the sign below and keep his distance!

090802TRNatPark 053

15 thoughts on “Can You See Him? Can You See Him Now?

  1. The prairie dog is too cute for words! I’m surprised that the bison were that calm with people around their calves, I saw a number of people charged and knocked down by bison the last time I was in Yellowstone.


    1. I was a long way away and using a zoom hence the tiny fuzzy prairie dog head in the first photo. Quite a few people had stopped to watch (Teddy Roosevelt National Park) but everyone stayed by their cars. The prairie dog pic was taken somewhere else, Texas I think (cheater!), and at closer range.


    1. A photobomber! I hadn’t thought of that! If you look closely at the first photo there are a lot of white patches in the background – the prairie dog town. I’m now picturing them all popping up and down photobombing! 🙂


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