Calling all bloggers: The Results Show

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to comment on last Friday’s post Calling all bloggers and bloggees. Funnily enough I had second thoughts about posting it as it wasn’t exactly within the remit of Which Way Now 101 with sights and adventures along the way. However the response was very interesting and the post had many views from nine different countries! I frequently read blogger stuff but wondered what my readers thought.

This is what you came up with:

  • No one likes to read white on black. The web page can look stunning but it hurts our poor old eyes (speaking only for myself, of course, not all you lovely young things). A color on a color is tricky too.
  • A 500 word count is good, 800 is okay and 1,000+ is a bit much but content is key. We (almost) all keep reading if the blog is well written and interesting.
  • Titles are important. They need to be attention grabbing.
  • We like photos. They don’t need to be of a professional standard (thank goodness) but relevant to the post. (So apologies for the irrelevant photos on that post. I thought they kind of tied it to my travel theme. Okay, I just made that up) Photos are also useful for breaking up the text.
  • Large blocks of text are hard to read, especially on a computer screen. Paragraph breaks make the post easier to read.
  • Busy sidebars, especially with flashing graphics are distracting.
  • Poor grammar, punctuation and spelling will not be tolerated! (Oops. I apologize in advance and blame any of my mistakes on my in-house editor.) That’s a bit strongly worded. We all make the occasional blunder but none of us want to read carelessly written blogs.
  • One blogger always likes the post to end with a question to invite comments. Do you?
Bryce Thompson Arboretum. Another irrelevant photograph. So shoot me.
Bryce Thompson Arboretum. Another irrelevant photograph. So shoot me.

One more question. Well two for those of you who are counting. I find it difficult to keep up with bloggers who post every day. The sheer amount of reading defeats me and I have to skip some posts. Which ones? I fear I’ll miss that brilliant post that would inspire, humor, enlighten me. Do you feel under pressure to read, write, edit, post, snap, post, like, comment and read and write some more to not offend or ignore those you follow or who follow you?

21 thoughts on “Calling all bloggers: The Results Show

      1. Where do you live then? These days we have frost on the grass in the morning… And from my window I can see how the frost on the garage roof evaporates when the sun rises and “warms” the roof. It looks like the garage has caught fire! And the sunrise and sunsets have such bright colours now. The autumn and winter here is great for watching a fantastic sky, but it´s so cold…. 😦 Some day I will move much further south…Like Italy! That´s my plan. In many years from now…And I will return to Norway only once or twice a year to meet friends and family… I won´t miss the cold.


          1. I live in Fredrikstad, a typical summer city 1 hour south of Oslo. The summer is great here, but I don´t like the winter… Arizona sounds better these days… Are there many poisonous spiders there? Or just snakes?


  1. A very insightful result show. From reading I can tell each and everyone has every and any reason for posting/commenting, likes and dislikes…in short we can never please everybody at the same time all the time.
    As for me, since we are traveling, I will always have something to share. Then I am in a quandary how many pics to post and which events to share. ..blogging woes. But in the end I try to be just true to myself, share what I can and post as many pics I can. Tough life! 🙂


  2. Great post – it’s a very concise conclusion and makes sense for me. Incidentally, I love photos and ‘m not really bothered about whether they tie up with the post or not – blogging’s for fun. Not that it matters 🙂
    As far as blogging every day goes, I’d say that it depends on what is being posted. I can keep up with those who post a photo, a short poem or a fun link to “you tube” every day. However, being machine-gunnned with written content every day is a bit like being force-fed ice cream for breakfast, lunch and tea for weeks on end – even if it’s the rhetorical equivalent of Haagen Dazs, you go off it fast, which would be a pity for the blogger in question. I try to post every three days, maximum, and at least once a week – it’s more or less what I need to write something I’m happy with anyway.


  3. I’ve only been at the whole blogging thing for about a month, but here’s what I’ve settled into for now–
    * I only comment on someone else’s post if I have something to say–I don’t comment just for the sake of commenting. Not commenting doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the post–it just means I don’t think I have anything vital to add!
    *I try to reply to every meaningful comment on my own blog–if someone took the time to share a relevant thought, I try to be courteous and acknowledge it. However, folks who comment only to say “Nice post!” probably aren’t going to get a reply.
    *I try not to post just for the sake of posting. For example, I participate in several weekly memes, but if the prompt on a particular day just doesn’t inspire me, I’ll skip it.
    * I’m not offended if someone who follows me doesn’t read every post–sometimes life gets in the way! Blogging should be fun–not stressful!!!

    Good questions–I hope this helps!


  4. Again, it all depends, I follow several blogs with daily posts that I find interesting. However, a good many bloggers post daily just to post daily.Those get old quickly, and I stop following them. Even worse are the people that will post multiple times in a day, with one photo in each post. I consider that to be close to spam.

    I could probably post on a daily basis, but have chosen not to. Two to three a week is enough, even though my posts tend to run too long.


  5. Yes I caught and commented on the original post and agreed with most all comments.

    No one will shoot you for that irrelevant but pretty photo…not yet at least!

    I completely agree with the idea that prolific writers may have me skipping them once in awhile.. I just can’t keep up either. If it has a truly great Title or Image that comes with it- say the title /image are paired immediately when you open the email… but that is another app…or plugin.

    Hopefully I won’t miss the stellar posts.. Keep up the good work.


  6. I use to feel under pressure when I first got into blogging and social media, but there is way too information coming in on a daily basis that I just pick and choose now. Otherwise I would spend hours on the Internet and that would not get me out there living my life, which I like MORE! Happy Weekend & Good Luck:) Don’t Stress!!!


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