Calling all bloggers and bloggees!

What do you like to read? And how much? Do you need pictures to keep the scroll thing going? Will you read white print on a black background? Does it need to be just a few words for you to bother? Under 500 words? Do you balk as the word count approaches 1,000? Do you read blogs of 1,000+ words or skip to the next blog?

Some of my tales of woe are woefully long so I try to break them up into chunks of 500 – 800 words. Or is that just annoying?

Tell me what you think!!

26 thoughts on “Calling all bloggers and bloggees!

  1. Ditto the consensus above.
    Uniformity is over-rated—each story will find its own length, but as noted, break them up with pictures and spaces.

    And it is about story.

    And you have tales to tell….


  2. I agree with most of the other commenters. A post that is too long loses me. I love photos in a post and not just photos of more roadside scenery.They need to relate to the theme of the post. Spacing is important too. If I see lots of text with no breaks I move on and I have a real thing about spelling and punctuation, but if the blogger is obviously not originally an English speaker I understand. This sort of makes me sound like a first grader but two sayings come to mind. The first is KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid and the second is less is more.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


    1. Thanks for your comments Wendy. Funny story about the background – it’s programming gone wrong! It started as tiled photos of a sunset in the Florida Keys. Somehow it blew itself up into what you see. Every time I think to change it I think, hummm, dunno. I wouldn’t be able to change it back again because I don’t know how I did it!


  3. I am enjoying your blog and so far my attention has not gone to scanning or skipping over:) I get a little long in the tooth when telling a story at times, so I break it into parts or break it up with photos that help tell the story too. Keep on Keeping On – Happy Weekend:)


  4. White on black? next…my eyes are getting old for that kind of ambiance.
    To me writing and reading blogs are almost the same. I think of what my readers would like to read, more pics? or more texts? Tough! But I tend to do more pics if the place we had been too is really picturesque or the pic might help my story. I tried to keep my stories short but it rarely happens…there is so much to share and tell πŸ™‚


  5. I usually don’t read blogs with white letters on black…..makes my eyes water. With lengthier posts I’ll usually wait until I have time to read and always like lots of photos to go with the story. I like your blogging style and read every word….promise….your stories are too entertaining πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh Ingrid! Thanks so much! I wasn’t fishing for compliments. Honest! All the feedback has been very interesting. I plan to compile it all and post for everyone to read. Though people have said somewhat different things, there aren’t (so far) any contradictory comments.


  6. Some things that draw me in to a blog and make me want to keep coming back are–
    –a catchy headline/title
    –space between paragraphs that break up the entire content of the post
    –a few relevant photos that introduce or break up the body of the text while adding to the content
    –a question at the end that makes me want to join in and leave a comment

    Some things that make me scroll right on by are–
    –any kind of text on a dark background, or colored text on another color of background that is hard to read
    –big chunks of text that are not broken up with paragraph breaks
    –sidebars that are too “busy” with tons of graphics, flashing effects, etc
    –poor grammar/spelling errors


  7. There’s no hard and fast answer for me. I’ll read extremely long posts if the author has something to say that interests me, but I skip over text that bores me. I like photos, if they’re good photos, not necessarily technically good, but if they interest me. If some one uses photos other than their own with regularity, I skip their blogs.


      1. Definitely keep the images coming. And reading the comments here from Joann, MM and her black sequined gown, have helped me a lot and added a grin.
        I do personally like something under 500, but as was replied, if it is has a good title, and something interesting.. I will print it out and read it.. I am still a ‘book in hand’ type of reader- old school.
        What did help- Title, dark grey text on white, and fun folks like you commenting.


  8. Coo, I feel really important now πŸ™‚ Nobody’s ever asked me my opinion before. (MM pulls on little black dress with sequins to make speech…). I absolutely hate reading white letters on a black background- I only follow one blog with that text – it kills my eyes but I enjoy the blog. If I decide I’m going to read something then it’s because I’m interested, so I read through to the end whatever the length. I scroll down to see how long a post is, and can put it off until later if it’s over 1000 words. I try to keep my posts under 1000 words and preferably around 800. I’m not a believer in posts having to be short to get readers though….. You just get a different kind of reader.


    1. Wow! That LBD really worked! Like you I balk at 1000 words and try to keep my posts under 800. 500 is better but some stories just can’t be told in so few words. I think the sequins gave you added veritas.


  9. If it’s more than 500 words I usually skip it unless it’s someone that I follow regularly. The title is key for me. For instance when someone starts with “I’m not a very good writer” or “This is a Rant” I will skip right on by. It doesn’t need a picture if the title is good enough.


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