Did You Really Need to Tell Me That?

I appreciate the warning . . . .


but talk about stating the obvious!!!

Useful bridge we happened to see on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.

So all you techie people, people more techie than me. That would be everyone. Should I watermark my photos?

I see many of you do it. I’m using Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Live Photo Gallery. I understand it can be done with Photoshop and Picasa. I should buy Elements but I know it would entice me to play with it and I don’t have the time right now. Picasa, like Gmail, is (at least to me) hopelessly user-not-friendly. I’ve gone round in circles on Google and read lots of programming gobble-de-gook that causes me to log off and make a cup of tea.

There are free watermarking programs but is it worth worrying about in the first place? People can steal use your images anyway, copyrighted and watermarked or not. As I understand it, the only thing you can do is send a polite don’t do it note if you find the offender or issue a lawsuit.

Not that I’m precious about the above works of art photos but I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

8 thoughts on “Did You Really Need to Tell Me That?

  1. You will never where your photo may end up…you may or may not care 🙂 I use Mac but I think within your Office 2010 is an application called MS Publisher or similar to that, that comes with the Office bundle which has a function to add copyright or watermarking.


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