All signs point to . . . . what?

Over the last eight years during our travels every which way I have taken a peculiar interest in signs. Naturally enough I should have been looking for signs but instead of paying attention to the road signs that were vital to my role as navigator I oft amused myself by taking photos of signs that were funny, interesting, alarming or just unbelievable. I’m still kicking myself for not having my camera to hand when we passed a billboard in Provo, Utah that proclaimed in large letters: KEEP POLIGAMY ALIVE.

As my fascination led to missed turns, terse words and exasperation I thought the least I could do was to share the signs with you, my followers to laugh at, puzzle over or think why did she bother to take that picture?

Some photos are whizzy, fuzzy, out of focus and barely decipherable as I shot through the windshield, the passenger window or past my driver’s nose. And of course, some have squashed bugs in the foreground.

From now on (most) Wednesdays I will post WWN101’s SIGNS, the first one of which kind of explains it all:

RoadTripAZtoWA 062

If you must know, it is the Crooked River Canyon cliffs that are unstable.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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12 thoughts on “All signs point to . . . . what?

        1. I’m not the spelling police in our household so I kind of sympathize with your kids! “Your beyond Hope” was picked up by himself. And if it upsets you, I can spell sympathise like this!


      1. Love your question to Ingrid if there are more shares…by the way I’ve met this lovely lady Ingrid in Arizona she is a sweetheart.

        I have a few collections myself of signs…and you are right the captain rolls his eyes once he hears the shutter click while I am suppose to be navigating.


    1. Got some duesies! I’ve no idea if that’s how you spell it. The word comes from the Duesenburg car. We learned the origin when we saw the car in a museum. A little known fact you probably never needed to know! Anyway, thanks for the comment.


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