The Confession

Hello Ladies and G’s, Followers and Casual Drop-ins,

I have a confession to make.

You are on the naughty chair
This is me on the naughty chair.

This blog started somewhere in the middle of things, jumped around a bit, then settled down at the beginning of our travails (no, that’s not a typo) with the occasional excursion to the present (i.e. UK, Australia, France). I have notebooks full of sorry tales which I’m ploughing through on WWN101 in the hopes I get back to the present before the travels/travails start again.

I’ve had to confess as it will soon become apparent that the blog is set in a completely different season to the rest of the northern hemisphere.

We opted out of the wheeled life after 3 ½ years on the road to have comfortable chairs and beds,  beds I can make without turning the air blue (c’mon you RVers, you know what I mean, Nightmares Before Bedtime), more than one room, slammable doors between the rooms, our own laundry facilities that some dirty devil hasn’t just used before I put my whites in, a full immersion bath – not a footbath/shower, the same neighbors day after day (not always a good thing but we’ve been lucky here) to say hello to, dry towels, walk-in closets where I can make a considered choice instead of just wearing whatever is on top of the clean pile, a sofa that is out of earshot for the one who isn’t snoring, a recliner we can fight over and all the stores my little heart desires a few minutes’ drive away.

Now through circumstances beyond our control (and himself is bored) we are giving up the above amenities. Trailer life is looming large again due to uncertainty about our next step.

So we haven’t been, strictly speaking, homeless the whole while I’ve been publishing this blog, just unsettled and undecided apartment dwellers with containers full of furniture and who-knows-what stored and festering in another country for seven years.

When I said at the start “the beginning of our travails” that only referred to the American segment. There were European travels (with consequent notebooks of stories) before that.

I should make a change to my blog header and change one word by one letter – from homeless to hopeless!

As you can see below, I am rather reluctant to leave our stunning balcony view. I just need a lightning shot and the set will be complete:

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We will return to our regularly scheduled program on Friday.

10 thoughts on “The Confession

  1. Thank you for stopping by and hopefully will join us in our adventures. The map on our homepage is created using Google Map. It is easy when you get the hang of it. Let me know if you need help in creating yours.


  2. After nearly four years living full time in a fifth wheel we are looking at something a little BIGGER. There’s an oxymoron for you. We think a park model for here in Canada, a park model in Texas and a small trailer for travelling back and forth. Still don’t want to give up the travel altogether, but more room would be nice.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road


    1. That would suit himself to a T. I’m thinking bricks and mortar would be nice, but crazy things don’t happen to us at home. The road beckons but I love my space! Oh what to do? Good luck with your decisions. I hope you are not terrible prevaricators like us!


  3. Hum….are you in Santa Fe? Ah yes, I can relate. Making a bed in an RV is the worst and I’m not sure in the long run how things will go for us without that Man Cave. You made it 3 1/2 years, we’ll see how long I make it….lol. Looking forward to hearing more tales of your adventures!


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