Au Revoir France and Cute Dog!

Don’t leave me! Please don’t go!

How could you leave a face like this?


Every day during our walks around our French village this little sweetie would follow us along the boundary of his property, put his front paws up on the wall and give us this look. He never barked, just looked. Awwwww!

How long do you suppose it would take to get a doggie passport?

And what do you supose French law is with regard to dognapping?

Au revoir France and cute doggie. For now.

P.S. Does anyone know what breed of dog this is?

5 thoughts on “Au Revoir France and Cute Dog!

  1. This is a Brittany Spaniel. My Little Bear was a Brittany. Named after the French Provence….thus a French dog. They are breed for hunting Pheasant and Quail. If I were there, I’d join you in nabbing the cute thing.
    BTW….Thank you for your comment/condolence 🙂


    1. Ingrid, I’m sorry. I hope the picture didn’t upset you. I posted it before I read your post (having got behind while we were away for seven weeks). You might like to know he only had his sad face on when he was on his own. When his owner was home he was happy, bouncy and a little bit loopy!


      1. You are very kind, all is well here. The photo made me smile. You do have me sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what your future plans are….France? USA? England? RV? Look forward to upcoming posts 🙂


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