Bears! Run!

We learned early on when RVing in the U.S. to take nature seriously. One evening, when still quite new to the RV-in-the-back-woods thing and taking a walk after dinner, we stopped at the campsite facilities before returning to our trailer. Posted prominently outside the shower block were instructions on what to do if you see a bear. It seemed at first, for a tourist, entertaining reading. This is what you should do:

1. Stop
2. Stay calm
3. Appear large
4. Fight back
5. Make noise

We were laughing and debating fighting techniques and what stances we would take in order to “appear large.” Jimmy flapped his arms in the manner of a little boy playing airplanes which to me didn’t get across the appropriate level of aggression. My impression of hailing a cab was no better.

We discussed whether we would even have the presence of mind to make loud, scary noises or just run and scream like girls. Then we read the last line on the poster. “Last bear seen at this site on _____.” The “on” was crossed out and written in large caps was:


We didn’t run. We didn’t scream. We didn’t hang around either.

Not the view you want of a bear.
This is better.

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